Emily Habansky is the youngest of six children. She is actively painting and exhibiting in the Bay Area. Six years ago, Emily suffered a C-5 fracture from diving into a pool one hot summer afternoon. This left her paralyzed from the neck down. If this was not tragic enough, her father had passed away from a quick decline from pancreatic cancer, just four weeks prior.  With a tremendous effort, Emily has continued to recover more mobility, to reconnect to her body, and to recruit more muscles.

Through her painting, Emily explores textures and mark making, creating depth and form. She is intuitive with her choices of composition and narrative. Her work draws the viewer into a mythic realm that uncovers possibilities and self identifying elements, alluding to a dimension free from an agenda. One is engrossed in an environment devoid of misconception, an authentic place; deeply rich; uncovering parts of the subconscious; a moment left open for the viewer’s interpretation.

Emily is highly informed by her interaction with nature, which is an underlying narrative behind her work. The urban landscape seems to influence the works vibrancy, properties of movement, and energy. Years of self discovery as a shaman, and now, questioning what it means to live with a newer experience of having a disability are all infusing components of her work.

Emily is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied principles of design, metalsmithing, and ceramic hand building. Her process with paint is additive and subtractive, similar to that of creating a tangible form. Working on a multi-media platform gives her more opportunity to express these visual languages in a dimensional way.